Kern Technology deliver complete package of flow measurements and accessories for the                        biggest desalination plant in the world!  


Project name: Ras Al Khair Power and Desalination Plant Phase 1, Saudi Arabia


We speak about an gas-steam power plant(perfomance about 2.400MW) with connected desalination plant. Kern received in march 2013 the order to deliver the complete project with flow measurements and accessories.

Scope: Flow measurements incl. piping, condensate pots, shut-off valves, ultra sonic measurements, pitot tubes and transmitter.

Delivery scope and milestones:


-Delivery about 200 measurements

-150 construction drawings

-150 fluidic calculations

-265 welding procedures

-All ITP’S and procedures

-2500 welding seams incl. non destructive testing

-About 900 valves and 250 condensate pots

-seaworthy package


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