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Environment & Safety


Safety and Health

The safety and health of its employees at the workplace has the highest priority for Kern Technology GmbH & Co. KG. This includes the maintenance and constant improvement of standards in the areas of work and workplace safety as well as health protection.

The job environment must meet the requirements of a health-oriented organization. All employees must pay constant attention to work safety. Each individual bears a joint responsibility to support Kern in its efforts to create a safe working environment.

All supervisors, including the employees responsible for work processes, must make sure that all rules and regulations, in particular in the area of safety and health protection, in the provision of working tools for use in the workplace, regarding the operating safety of monitored equipment and the organization of industrial safety standards (workplace safety regulations) are complied with.



The protection of the environment and the natural resources are high-priority company goals for Kern. All employees must contribute to these goals through their behavior. Based on the commitment of all employees and the respective leadership Kern wants to act in an environmentally friendly way. Wherever possible, we will substitute raw materials, which are potentially hazardous, with less hazardous products. Emissions into the air and water must be minimized; waste avoided or recycled, or at least correctly disposed of.

Quality Management


QS systems / certifications


ISO 9001:2008 

PED 2014/68/EU module H / H1




DIN EN 729-2



Welder qualifications / Welding procedure qualifications for all materials prevalent in power stations and in plants


EN 287-1 / EN 288-3

EN ISO 9606 / EN 15614


AD2000 HP2/1 


ASME Section IX



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