Kern Technology deliver flow meter for two coal-fired power plants in South Africa !

Medupi and Kusile are the largest dry-cooled coal fired power plants in the world !


Project name: Medupi Powerstation and Kusile Powerstation


Kusile Power Station is a coal-fired power plant by state electricity utility Eskom. The six Units got a total capacity of 4.800 Megawatts.


Medupi Power Station is the biggest dry-cooled coal-fired power plant of the world. Medupi is the Sepedi word in Bantu-language for "Rain that soaks parched land“. The six Units also have a total capacity of

4.800 Megawatts.

Kern received the order for deliver the complete package of flow meters for both power stations. The scope contained ISA nozzles, orifices and venturinozzles incl. shut-off valves and condensate pots. 


Delivery scope and milestones:


-Delivery of about 300 measurements

-Preparation of 250 construction drawings

-180 fluidic calculations

-50 welding procedures

-All ITP´s and procedures

-About 3800 welding seams incl. non destructive testings

-About 1500 valves and 220 condensate pots

-Total gross-weight of the scope: 43.000 kg

-Seaworthy package with 26 wooden boxes


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